35 Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics

Making arguments has always been part of our daily life. In our offices, schools, or our various homes, we make arguments to drum home our point of view. Despite this, most students find it challenging to complete an assignment on argumentative essays. 

It is understandable because there is a difference between jumping into an argument and having to put it on paper. When writing an argumentative essay, you have to pick a subject matter, make a stand on it, then try to defend that viewpoint. In all, your aim is to convince the readers to accept your views. 

An important aspect of this type of essay is research. No matter the topic you choose, or the audience you seek to address, research is an important component and shouldn’t be underrated. It enables you to back your position with facts and evidence.

How to choose a good argumentative topic 

As students mostly find it difficult to select a winning topic, we are here to help you out. In this piece, we will provide some argumentative essay ideas to inspire your next paper. Even if you decide to buy custom articles online, the topic you choose should be something you are familiar with, that interests you, and have knowledge about.

Education essay topics

  1. Should schools ban vending machines on their campus?
  2. Should the public should system be replaced by charter schools?
  3. Has the Brown v. Board of education brought any equality in education?
  4. Policymakers are advocating STEM education. Why?
  5. Homeschooling: the way to go in a pandemic era

Parenting essay topics

  1. Should men have paternity leave?
  2. How can we reduce the cost of childcare in the United States?
  3. What parenting style is the best?
  4. Does the overprotection of parents affect children's lives?
  5. Should mothers breastfeed in public?

Women's issues topics

  1. Should governments legalize abortion?
  2. Should we legalize the morning after pill?
  3. The pay gap between men and female employees is glaring. What’s your thought about it?
  4. Is legal prostitution a women’s right issue?
  5. What challenges do women face in the workplace?
  6. Should maternity leave be increased or reduced?

Legal essay topics

  1. Should marijuana be legalized at the federal level?
  2. What should be the legal drinking age?
  3. Should religious bodies have tax exemptions?
  4. After serving their sentence, should prisoners have the right to vote?
  5. Should illegal migrants be deported to their home countries?

Technology essay topics

  1. Has social media led to isolation?
  2. Is our dependency on technology making us lazy thinkers?
  3. Should schools allow students to use smartphones?
  4. Has technology decreased interpersonal communication?
  5. How bad has technology affected print media?
  6. Has social media bullying increased suicide?
  7. Technology has increased unemployment, what’s your view on that?

Society and culture essay topics

  1. Should sex education be included in schools curriculum?
  2. Is affirmative action still needed?
  3. Is the Black Lives Matter Movement a legitimate call?
  4. Should college athletes receive a remuneration?
  5. Should students be mandated to recite the pledge of allegiance?
  6. Should it be illegal to burn a national flag?
  7. Should the United States adopt one national language?

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