Coming up with new ideas for argumentative essays: a list of interesting resources

In argumentative composition is a kind of proposal in which the examiner or reader looks forward to well organized and quality ideas, relevant and strong examples, and writer’s ability to express himself in Standard English. This sort of academic writing tests the ability of a scholar to systematize a valuable critique of particular ideas. Here is a helpful college essay writing advice.

  • Do not make up information
    Made up data pisses off the examiners but logical statistics and profound examples impress them. Even if you are not an expert in the field you are writing about, never give false statistical information. Regardless of the argumentative subject, sound reasoning is what will get you higher scores.
  • Focus on validity
    You should express your argument with deep convictions, cut to the bone rather than dull explanations. However, avoid extra-long statements in a bid to look more learned. Your argument should be very formal and commanding. Do not let the reader get bored by your piece of work.
  • Be articulate
    Wrong wordings and vague language are knock-offs. Let the reader find no fault in your argument’s structure.
  • Working with bias
    In your search for controversies, you are more likely to come across biases information where the author takes up a specific standpoint to support his arguments. This is not bad though, but you need to learn how to present all sides of an issue.

Great sources of essay ideas for college

  1. Print materials
    These are books and e-Books. They are very useful during a comprehensive evaluation of long-lived subject matters. A book takes long before it gets published and so the information may not be very current. An online source would be more appropriate for the prevailing issues.
  2. Academic journals and articles
    These sources give extensive arguments on particular matters. They answer to why and who. Their points of focus are very specific hence more in-depth and long information. The citations and bibliography are very clear, meaning that they are well-researched.
  3. News articles
    They report events that are going on at present. The have detailed information about where, who, and what. However, you won’t get citations because the authors simply report the occurrences. These articles will be of greater help if you want to write about a recent local event.

When researching for captivating issues seek information from these interesting resources and in case you are in doubt, ask the librarian for help.
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