Compare and Contrast Essay

Any work to write a compare and contrast essay causes contradictions to many students. It is an interesting essay to write. The negativity about it is it is hard to complete this paper compared to any other. In writing a compare and contrast essay, you need to consider two subjects.

A Clear Picture of It

Before you start writing, you should have a better understanding of what the essay entails. The main thing about this essay is two compare two subjects. It may seem easy, but it is not about the differences and similarities. There is one thing that you should also know before writing the paper. The topic you choose is also vital here. You should do your research well before choosing the subjects. Your script should make a lot of sense to the reader. Uniqueness will help you here, find topics that have not got used before. The main thing is to provide a new understanding of the role of the subjects you are using.

How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

The beginning of your essay plays a vital role. You should try your best to make sure that the beginning of your text is catchy. The first thing to do is introducing the subjects you will use. Do not start by contrasting the opening lines. Begin by explaining why you have chosen the topics. Make sure you give the reader background information. A husky thesis is everything a reader wants. Express all your powerful ideas in it. Do not use more than two sentences to write your thesis. Make it as simple and as captivating as you can. Explain the key points.

Ways to Hook the Reader

You should learn from advertisers if you want to have a captivating essay. Show the reader that he/she will benefit from your script. Here is a list of how you can hook your reader:

  1. For a good essay, start with a question. The subjects you choose should be new to your audience. If they know little or nothing about the topics, they will be interested in reading your essay. Make sure you start with a question, and you will impress your reader.
  2. Your facts and statistics matter. People trust figures. Give it to them. You can provide statistical information that the reader does not know.
  3. You can consider starting with a joke. It will make the reader laugh and happy at the same time. It will also give him/her the morale of reading your essay. If your script is dull, then the reader will put it aside and move on to the next. If the reader finishes your text, you will score high marks.
  4. You can use a famous person to write your essay. Your paper will sound strong if you use a vital person. It will also show how exposed you are. Your reader will show interest because of the information he/she will learn from the quote. It is also good to use respectable people in your work. It tells a lot about you as a person.
  5. Your arguments are vital. They should be husky and clear. With this, you will have all the attention of the reader. You should try and improve your convincing power in your essay. Your arguments should go together with your points.

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